3D Printed Models Takeover Manchester

3D critters take over Manchester

After the 3DPrintCup Challenge came to an end (see Part 1 and Part 2) all the critters broke out of the Tib Street Travern basement.

Local photographer, Jon Parker Lee, documented their takeover of the city as they made their claim upon some of Manchester’s notable landmarks.

3D printed critters take over Manchester Northern Quarter

3D printed critters take over Manchester Printworks

I didn’t get a chance to post a finished image of Mini Monstersaurus Prince, so here it is.

3D printed creature: Mini Monstersaurus Prince

In case you missed his story in Part 2, here it is again:

The Story of Mini Monstersaurus Prince

Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived Mini Monstersaurus Prince. He had dotting parents who loved him dearly. And the little creature loved nothing more than to forge in the landscape with his golden crown for fruit and vegetables direct from the ground unwashed. He was a true patron of the raw food revolution. However all this good work came undone every sunset with his lavish helpings of firefly. For the Prince had a profound fear of the darkness and the only way for him to get through the night was to consume the creature of the light. Each firefly eaten would help his little belly produce a warmer glow…

Many thanks to Jon (www.manchesterphotographer.com) for kindly allowing me to use his photos for this blog post.


Update August 2013:
I’ve just received news from the organisers that 3DPrintCup will be back in Spring/Summer 2014. So if you missed out this time around – be sure to keep your eyes out for the challenge next year.

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