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I’m looking forward to taking part in the 3DPrintCup Competition organised by Cartridge Save, a business based in nearby Stockport. It involves designing a character that will then be 3D printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2X.

I initially heard about this competition through the well-informed Manchester illustrator and caricaturist Stanley Chow on Twitter. Later in the same week and out of curosity I attended a 3D Printing event at TechHub. Both of these reminded me how much I enjoy character design and working in 3D.

Most of my creative work these days for print and web purposes tends to be for flat surfaces. However, 3D printing isn’t new to me as I actually have a (rather dusty and unused) First Class degree in Product Design from university so have always been aware of this type of technology. At the time, rapid prototyping was used to test designs as part of the product development process. It was relatively expensive at the time and so to see it becoming more accessible to the general public is very exciting.

Recently I’ve noticed 3D printing related news appearing more frequently – from the 3D printer that seemingly defies gravity to NASA funded pizzas. It’s too bad electronics isn’t my forte or I might consider building myself a Kikai 3D printer now that the blueprints have been release. Perhaps I should just make do with looking up the prices and stats of 120 Different 3D Printers now available.

I know there are a few agencies in Manchester who specialise in 3D modelling. I particularly look forward to seeing their submissions and perhaps a Top Trumps 3D face-off!

I believe there’s still time to register for the 3DPrintCup. Hope to see some new and familiar faces at the launch event this Thursday.


Update 8 July 2013:
I’ve just posted a sneak preview of my 3D design on Vine. It’s in need of a bit of TLC at the moment. All will be revealed at the Wrap Party on Thursday 11th July at Manchester’s Tib Street Tavern (6.30pm). Come along!


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