A Year in Manchester: Recipe Collection

A Year in Manchester is a collection of 12 seasonal recipes designed for Visit Manchester to showcase local produce and to promote the chefs who support the use of food produced in Greater Manchester.

A Year in Manchester: Recipe Pack

Award-winning chefs from the area have come together to share their favorite recipes and to encourage us to buy locally. It is a good reminder that there are many opportunities available from farmers’ markets, home delivery of vegetable boxes to small independent butchers.

At the start of the design process the following factors had to be considered:
– There were 12 recipes that needed to be presented in a loose format
– These recipes needed to be bundled up in some kind of packaging
– The main function of the packaging was for storage and to ensure safe distribution

Since the recipe packs were to be posted out, the final decision was to go with a glossy wrap around cover and held together with a rubber band. This proved to be a good choice as it worked within the budget and was cost effective for mailing.

When designing the recipe cards I wanted to make the most of the stunning photography from Joby Catto. It was also important to showcase the top chefs that Deanna Thomas had brought together by providing a dedicated profile space on each card. Some of the venues such as the Yang Sing, owned by Harry Yeung, has been based in Chinatown since 1977 and is a restaurant steeped in history. This, along with the generosity of the chefs in sharing their knowledge, adds to the richness of Manchester’s food culture.

Recipe pack content preview

The back of the recipe pack provides a preview of all the different dishes you can make.

September recipe card

The recipe for the month of September is a seasonal salad by Lewis Clare of Red House Farm. Given that I have a sweet tooth, I’m very tempted to try the raspberry cake with crumble topping recipe (by Little Bird Catering) from last month and take up Robyn’s suggestion of using apples to make a more autumnal version.

The limited edition recipe pack is available from the Visit Manchester website:

Go get a yourself a copy!

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