Personalise Greeting Cards

Personalised Greeting Cards

Some personalised greeting cards I created recently…

K ♥ S = engagement + new house
The first card was for two friends who recently got engaged and bought their first family home together. Congrats to them both!

The Christmas card was for my old housemate who has a very, very sweet tooth and a lovely dog.

Placement: Rapport Events

Rapport Events

My time at Rapport Events, an award winning events agency based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, was a placement like no other. What started out as a 6 week placement turned out to be a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

My role was to provide holiday cover for the creative department. Unlike a typical placement there would be no one to look over my shoulder. Instead, it would be up to me to prioritise my workload, manage print deadlines and liaise with suppliers.

Despite the amount of responsibility I was given, I never felt daunted by it. But rather, I was excited by the prospect. I felt supported by the team and was challenged by my work, but never felt out of my depth.

Before my time with Rapport, I was unaware of the amount of creative input that would be involved in an event. However, I soon learnt that it was a vital aspect in order to create a successful and engaging delegate experience.

I feel very lucky to have been at Rapport during a busy period, which enabled them to extend my time there. My hands-on experience has been priceless, and I have felt valued to have my suggestions considered.

I shall miss the lovely team, great office atmosphere, the energy and flurry of activity just before every event.

Thank you Rapport for the insight you have provided and I shall be eagerly following your progress on Twitter.