Growing Wildflowers using Seedballs

Angie Chan Wildflower Illustration Cornflower Clowslip Daisy

Last winter, I heard Kathryn Lwin, Founder Director of the River of Flowers, speak at one of Manchester Art Gallery’s Thursday Late sessions. Her talk was incredibly inspiring and she shared a vision where patches of wildflowers throughout our city would create ‘rivers’ for our pollinators to travel through. At the end of her talk she gifted the audience with a tin from Seedball. The recent glorious sunshine and revisits to The Lost Gardens of Manchester reminded me that now would be the perfect time to do something with them. Continue reading

Eastern Exchanges at Manchester Art Gallery

TNorimono - Sedan Chairhe norimono (Japanese sedan chair) that sits immediately to the left of the entrance of Eastern Exchanges is the curator’s inspiration to the collection of objects from China, Japan and Korea that is currently on display at Manchester Art Gallery. The exhibition has three themes: Distinctly Eastern, East Meets West and Future East. The wall colours in each zone helps to distinguish between each section.
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John Rylands Library: The Trekgaskis and Anthony Dowd Collections

John Ryland Library - Tregaskis Collection

In our increasingly digital world, I sometimes mourn the loss of sensory experiences. The ability to feel textures, to judge the weight of an object or savour the subtle smell of the material in my hands.

As much as I love to work with and surround myself with technology – there will always be a need and appreciation for books. Real books. The printed type! So I was very excited to be invited by a bookbinding friend to visit The John Ryland’s Library (on Deansgate, Manchester) for a behind-the-scenes session to see the Trekgaskis and Anthony Dowd Collections. John Hodgson, Keeper of Manuscripts & Archives at the library guided us through the collection. Continue reading