IF: Craving


Cinnamon knew she shouldn’t disturb Cayenne while he was at work but she was just craving to tell him about the first carrot harvested from their new vegetable patch. She couldn’t wait for him to come home so they could share it together.

IF: Adapt


An intrepid explorer must be able to adapt to unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.

Robbers: ‘Hahahaha!
Explorer Cat: ‘Oh no, I’m too late! They’re taking away the ancient treasures of Miaowmaru.

Intrepid Cat Explorer

IF: Cracked


(Click on image to enlarge)
The little elephant was crossing a bridge when it bowed and cracked! Oh no, it looks like he’s going to have to make a run for it.

And in other news, I just realised a couple of days ago that my blog was giving Internet Explorer users problems. So apologies to anyone who may have tried to view last week’s Illustration Friday (contagious) and was instead greeted by an error message. It’s hopefully fixed for good now.

IF: Parade

The Junior Marching Band finally get to show off their talent after much hard work and practise. But who is the uninvited guest watching over them?


A close-up of one of the little creatures, who is totally oblivious of his fate.

Drummer Mouse