MP031: Spotted!

Dim Sum Island Map

With no sign of the missing individuals the two families are deeply worried. But then as if to answer their prays sightings all over Dim Sum Island were reported.

Sighting Reports

Mr Croquette:
‘The forest on the island is so dense but I’m sure I saw them near the Tea Fortune Teller’s house.’

Ms Sesame-Ball:
‘Oh dear! They gave me such a fright- one minute snooping around the soybean fields and then suddenly, gone!’

Ms Egg Tart:
‘I saw her at the foot of the hills. I’m sure she was Miss Pork Bun. She had such a striking resemblance to the image on the village notice board.’

MP030: Tea Fortunes and Grudges of the Past

Tea Fortune

Having heard no news it seemed only natural to Miss Pork Bun’s parent that they should seek the advice of a fortune teller, who upon peering into her tea cup told them: “A dumpling is what your daughter’s heart holds dear”.

Angry Mother Pork Bun

Mother Pork Bun was raging and knew she should have put her foot down earlier. She opposed of that relationship from the start and should have listened to her instints. This left Father Pork Bun with nowhere to stand as he knew his laid back approach was inadvertently to blame.

Soybean Curd and Custard

Meanwhile Grandfather Pork Bun decided it would be wise to renew relations with the Dumpling Clan, and paid a visit to his old rival’s home. He bought some soybean curd as a gift and in exchange Grandfather Dumpling served up some of his family’s soybean custard while they both thought about the events of the past.

You see the two families have a wealth of history:
The Dumpling Clan have always been made and sold soybean custard, while the Pork Bun Clan did the same with soybean curd. Soy and it’s products are valued commodities in Dim Sum Village and their reliance proved fatal in the drought of 1938 when not a single soybean was harvested. Fights broke out as to how best to use the stock they had in storage so as to pull the village through the winter months. With such uncertainty facing them, suspicion and distrust grew and eventually manifested itself with one Clan accusing the other of stealing soy. The villagers got caught up by taking sides and eventually paid the heaviest price when many starved to death.

Death Gripped the Village

Those were dark days that happened many generations ago and most villagers give no thought to the arguments of the past. But Grandfather Pork Bun knows his daughter for one reason or another feels strongly otherwise, even with their ancestors’ wish to free the future generations of past grudges…

The young couple in the forest were only too well aware of the strong feelings Mother Pork Bun had. And that night they plotted the final part of their route out of Dim Sum Island – out into the bigger world where the great land gave way to endless opportunities. Is running away the answer? Or will history repeat itself and cause a rift between the two clans?

Planning in the moonlight

MP028: A Visit to the Soybean Bank

Mr Dumping's childhood photos

Time passed painfully slowly for Mr Dumpling’s parents, who found themselves looking at their wall of family photos and reminiscing about happier times..

They felt so helpless sitting there waiting for news. All that went through their minds was: “There must be something we can do….”

The Soybean Bank

And so they went to the Soybean Bank to assess the family fortune. After raiding deep into their vaults, a reward of 10000 soy was posted for any useful information that would lead to the location of Mr Dumpling.

Reward War
Miss Pork Bun’s family felt they could not be left behind and promptly doubled the reward for information relating to her.

It was not long until things escalate as the two family’s long running feud resurfaced and the village noticeboard was completely covered, leaving the local puff pastry police looking rather bewildered.

Puff Pastry Police

MP027: Miss Dumpling’s Gossip Balloon

Miss Pork Bun's Gossip Balloon

That morning Miss Pork Bun found a package outside her tent waiting to be opened. She took it to the pond, where Mr Dumpling was fishing for their breakfast, to unwrap it together.

Mr Dumpling fishing for breakfastDim Sum Village's notice board

Inside was a miniature model of Dim Sum Village’s noticeboard with a missing poster bearing their faces.

The poster read:
‘Police are concerned for the safety and welfare of two individuals: Mr Dumpling and Miss Pork Bun, who were reported missing on Thursday 7th May.

Mr Dumpling is 19 years old and is described as 10cm tall and slim build. He was last seen wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans.

Miss Pork Bun is 18 years old and is described as 9cm tall and also of a slim build. She was last seen wearing her favorite pink outfit with matching handbag.

Both were last seen leaving their respective houses. It is believed that their disappearances are linked.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mr Dumpling and Miss Pork Bun is urged to contact the Dim Sim Village Police.’

It would appear that there was not a soul who does not know about their disappearance.