Valentine’s Day is next week!

With V-Day being less than a week away – what will you be giving? What will you get?

Here are some V-Day related images I made recently, some of which I’ve entered into Tigerprint’s online card competition.

After all the red and pink hearts I decided that other colours of hearts should exist too!

I also stumbled across this rather amusing article on Guidespot which outlines 15 Ways to Ruin Valentine’s Day. It makes a good reminder of the things one should try to avoid!

Now dont forget: Valentine’s Day is next Saturday, 14th February :)

Monster Parade 010

Snapreen is hoping his new dental work was worth the investment as he sits patiently waiting for his exotic prey.

Here’s a close up of these cute pink creatures with their candy-cane coloured tails. They are like a cross between a rat and a rabbit. This possibly makes them ratbunnies?

And finally, of course: Happy Chinese New Year!