Girl Geek Turns 10 Celebrations

Manchester Girl Geeks returned to Madlab, for the first time since the renovation works, to celebrate the 10th year of Girl Geek Dinners last Sunday. In true traditional fashion, there was bountiful amounts of confectionery as they spent a leisurely afternoon playing party games and making binary bracelets.
There was a Raspberry Pi corner running Sam’s World, the official Girl Geeks game that was created by local developer Mark Frimston for BraCamp back in May. This was released as one of the items within the BarCamp goodie bag.

While I chatted to Rachel Moat (a previous speaker at one of Girl Geek Show & Tell events and a winner of Tech4Good Award) about her experience of using Arduinos, the others played card games – such as Exploding Kittens, which looked like a lot of fun. The packaging certainly made the designer in me light up as it meowed upon opening. Mini Girl Geek wasn’t able to join us, but she sent along her photo booth, which Lisa kindly transported and operated for us, so that we could each get a custom photo keyring.

It has been years since I’ve played pass the parcel and this version of it was very different to what I remember from my childhood. When I was little – the winner takes all! However, the version we played / mashed-up involved multiple layers. Some layers had mini prizes (such as sweets), while other layers had newspaper (and a geeky joke to compensate the unlucky person who missed out on a prize).

Little did I realise when I volunteered to wrap the parcel that it would be a marathon gift wrapping session, that also involved a late Saturday night trip to the local bargain store when I suddenly ran out of paper. I think this is just a reflection of the amazing selection of items Katie picked out and the generosity of the kind individuals / companies who donated items for it. This version of pass the parcel is so much better and everyone who took part was rewarded with a small prize.

It’s always rewarding to catch up with regular Girl Geek attendees and meet a few new ones too. Credit goes to Gem for organising yet another fantastic event. It was good to see Claire settled into her dream job at Madlab. A quick thank you to all the sponsors who helped make the party come to life with amazing prizes!

Manchester Girl Geeks will be at The Shed next month with Dr Suze Kundu (Materials Scientist and Nanochemist) as guest speaker, and they’re back at Manchester Science Festival with a Girl Geek Dinner. Time to make more event stickers!
Girl Geek Event Sticker Designs

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