Harvesting Honey from Anglesey Bees

Angleysey Honey Bees

During my end of summer trip to Anglesey I was given the unexpected opportunity to don a bee suit and help out a local bee keeper doing his hive inspection. Pete has been looking after bees for many years – certainly way before bee keeping became trendy. The plight of bees and the need to grow wild flowers to support other pollinators has received quite a bit of coverage in the press. So it was a privilege that he was willing to give me hands-on experience and indulge my love of learning on a subject that I had only previously been able to read about.

Angleysey Honey Bees - Facts

I wanted to record my experience in a series of illustrative notes. I’ve deliberately kept the facts and things learnt in a particular order, which may seen illogical to others. However, it forms a chronological record and in doing so they will help me maintain the memories from an amazing afternoon.

I didn’t take any written reminders during the process as I was too busy helping out so hopefully there aren’t too many inaccuracies. I think these illustrations are only a starting point for me to delve deeper in to the fascinating world of beekeeping. Even though there is no chance that I’ll be a beekeeping anytime soon (owning to the lack of resources!) I can understand why Pete said it could easily be an interest that becomes a full time job if one is not careful! There is so much more to learn and such a fun process too.

Angleysey Honey Bees - Honey Extracting

Anglesey Honey Bees Llanrhyddlad A big thank you to Pete for sharing his knowledge and nurturing my curious mind. I know when I deviate from my usual staple of oats to a slice of crunchy toast, it’s going to taste super sweet with a dollop honey that I helped extract.

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