Highlights from Hong Kong

Hong Kong residental houses by the river

I’m often guilty of taking hundreds of photos when I go away and never find the time to look at them again. Since my trip to Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago I’m determined to break this habit. Here are a few highlights:

I went shopping in the market for really fresh food. The splashing of fish, the smell of meat in the air and the shouting from stall vendors created a very different sensory experience compared to the clinical atmosphere of a supermarket.

Hong Kong Food Market

Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Packaging

There was something quite comforting finding products in shops that I recognised from my childhood. These Chinese medicine packaging have remained unchanged over the years. The pattern and decorative detail on them are so very mesmerizing!

Hong Kong Older People Play Park

As the world’s elderly population continue to increase, there is a need to ensure this generation remains active. I was aware of the existence of play parks designed for older people but hadn’t seen one before. These were a common sight in Hong Kong and were regularly used by local residence.

Hong Kong Tortoise and Pineappe

On the evening that I met these little pet tortoises (who will eventually grow to a few meters), I also saw a pineapple plant for the very first time! I love the feeling of being so close to nature, and being fortunate enough to enjoy fresh mangos and bananas directly from lovingly tendered trees.

4 thoughts on “Highlights from Hong Kong

  1. Thanks for the link Richard. It’s interesting to read about HK from a first time visitor point of view. Since my trips there are always about reuniting with relatives I rarely have the chance to see the more well known attractions.

    I know what you mean about the lack of historical buildings. HK does have a rich heritage that it does conserve but they tend to be overshadowed by high-rise buildings. Often they need a keen eye and even local, insider knowledge, before their location becomes obvious. The lack of signposting is probably not entirely helpful!

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