IF: Unfold

Dim Sum Poster

Here at The Hunt for Cute Creatures blog we have a Monster Parade theme which displays the latest critters that I have let loose on the internet. Originally it featured one off random characters but since Mr Dumpling and Miss Pork Bun turned up in entry MP021: Love is in the Air, things have got a lot more exciting!

Follow the story as this young couple run away from their home at Dim Sum Village.

What does the future hold for them? How will their story unfold?

MP024: Balloon Powered Gossip
MP025: Dim Sum Islandís Mysterious Disappearance
MP026: The Unexpected Delivery
MP027: Miss Dumplingís Gossip Balloon
MP028: A Visit to the Soybean Bank
MP029: Village Gossip

Be sure to come back as the Monster Parade is updated every Monday!

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