Manchester and Salford Illustrated (#MASI)

This is an illustration I submitted for the Manchester and Salford Illustrated (#MASI) exhibition, which is to raise funds and awareness for the Manchester based charity, Wood Street Mission.

MASI is a showcase of some of the very best commercial artists and illustrators in the area. The brief was to answer the statement: “What does Manchester Mean to You”.
MASI Submission: Fred Aldous

When considering my answer I thought back to my first trip to Manchester and all the eclectic collection of shops based in the Northern Quarter.

Fred Aldous, the much loved art shop, was one of the first shops I stepped into. I recall at the time that my fellow travel companion watched me with bemusement as my eyes lit up and gleamed at the vast range of arts and craft items that were on offer. Watching me dart around the shop, I think he soon realised that we weren’t going to leave the shop until sunset.

Since Fred’s has remained one of my favorite shops, I decided it would be the subject of my illustration. It fitted well that I have always wanted to document the beautiful architecture in the area but did not have an occasion do so until now.

I couldn’t help but sneak in a few cute creatures into the illustration:

Fred Aldous Illustration: Dinosaur

Fred Aldous Illustration: Cute Kitty

An online gallery and shop will be launched shortly. Every penny raised from the sale of prints, postcards, and other merchandise will go directly to help children living in poverty in Manchester and Salford.

If you are interested in purchasing prints by local artists / illustrator and for further updates  – please keep an eye on the #MASI hashtag on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Manchester and Salford Illustrated (#MASI)

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  2. Thanks you, Paul! I would love to be featured in your next newsletter. Any exposure for the #MASI fundraiser would be much appreciated as well.

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