Manchester Museum: The Study

The Study Panorama - Manchester Museum
Last night I attended the launch of The Study, an exciting new learning space in Manchester Museum that has been created for ‘the curious, the makers, the searchers and the sharers’.

The Study has various spaces such as make, sense, share and discover. All of which have been designed to facilitate enquiry based learning.

Spaces in The Study

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The Study Launch

There was a fantastic turn out last night. I spent a lot of time in the Make space, where there were lots of activities to choose from such as Lego, a badge maker and a box crotchet supplies. I spied some books that I’ll definitely be returning to have a read of.

The Study - Lego in Maker Space
Books in The Study

I really like the signage used throughout The Study, and the blend between learning through observation and participation.

The Study - Discover space

My visits to the museum usually involves a trip to The Vivarium, as the presence of living creatures in a place where there is usually only things from the past is something I’ve always found to be unique. So the new aquaponics system built by The Biospheric Foundation is definitely a welcome addition. Immediately beside the greenhouse is the Study Space, where you can delve deeper into your research.

The Study Aquaponics - Manchester Museum

The Study is now open to the public and awaiting your visit!

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