Melin Llynnon: The Last Working Windmill in Wales

Melin Llynnon Windmill
While in Anglesey at the end of August, I paid a visit to Melin Llynnon. I’m so glad @AngleseyHist brought it to my attention during National Mills Weekend back in May.

Melin Llynnon is the only working windmill in Wales and whole wheat flour ground by the mill is available to buy in their shop. There were also two iron-age roundhouses by the mill, these replicators show how habitants of Anglesey would have lived 3000 years ago. It was possible to walk inside to feel how cold it was and have a look at the interior. I really like the textures of the thatched roofs.

Melin Llynnon Roundhouses
Melin Llynnon Inside of Roundhouse

We also met ‘Fred the head’, a nickname given by local children to the large wooden sculpture carved from a very old tree. There was also a beautifully carved totem pole that stood proudly in the sunshine.

Melin Llynnon Wooden Sculptures

I wish we had time to stop longer and to enjoy the tea room. Perhaps something to do on a future visit as I’d love to visit Anglesey again.

In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to Heritage Open Days, which is taking place this weekend.

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