Monster Parade 009

Sima settles down to paint the landscape

Sima, an avid painter of landscapes, decided to spend the overcast afternoon by the seafront. She found a great spot and an orange seller as her subject of the day. Our old friend, Gorro, totally oblivious that he was being observed stood there dazed wondering why business had been so quiet.

Not long after she had started, Sima heard some noise from behind her. Irritated that she had been disturbed – she turns round to be confronted by a what could only be described as a full frontal naked streaker…

Full frontal naked streaker makes an appearance!

Shocked and with her sensitive sensibilities offended, Sima went pale and changed into translucent mode for self protection. Gorro, once again, living in his self-contained bubble comes to the conclusion that it was time for his daily vitamin C intake. ‘If no one is going to be buying my oranges today someone has to eat it…’, he tells himself.

Mediating peacefully

It comes as no surprise that our mild natured mushroom soon packed up and took refuge in the darkness of her home, making a mental reminder not to linger in quiet areas of town. The rest of the evening was spent mediating the negative thoughts of the day away with lavender scented candles infusing the room.

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