MP033: Doubts Start to Sprout

Miss Pork Bun & Mr Dumpling Photo
As the two settle down in a nearby coastal cave for their first night on the mainland Miss Pork Bun starts to feel homesick and doubts cloud her mind. Holding the photo taken on their first date she looks back at the events that had led them to this point.

Miss Pork Bun and Mr Dumpling had known each other since childhood but it was regular visits to the local cafe for bubble tea that brought them together. Their friendship grew and soon blossomed. They even created their own custom lychee lobster flavoured tea during one of their initial dates. However, soon after they had made their feelings for each other known publicly that things started to get difficult.
Bubble Tea Menu

Trapped at Home
Mother Pork Bun, strict and aloof, did nothing to hide her anger and disapproval. She started to act strangely and tried to prevent her daughter leaving the house. The young couple felt they had little choice but to run away. Although Dim Sum Island is relatively small it had been a challenge to leave. The Island and the surrounding sea had rare minerals vital for the health of all those born native to the area. Leaving is a decision taken very seriously as illnesses brought on by the lack of these minerals can have dire consequences. Much planning had taken place to allow them to get this far.

Miss Pork Bun’s thoughts trailed to a sudden halt when she noticed with great alarm: a large shadow on the cave wall!

Shadow on Cave Wall

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