New Shoes for Walking

New Shoes for Walk This May
Walking is a really enjoyable activity that gives me a break from staring at the computer and helps me think. It’s also a good way of getting regular exercise. While I’m happy wandering around to discover new streets, websites such as (the urban walking route planner) provide a more structured approach. It’s also #walkthismay so there are plenty of themed walks and other activities to encourage people to take up regular walking.

It’s fairly well documented that runners should replace their trainers after every 500 miles as the cushioning and support material in them break down – even if from the outside the shoe doesn’t look worn out. On recent walks I noticed my legs getting more tired than usual, which made me think I should get new shoes more often. But how often? As always the internet provided an answer!

Here’s a illustration / mini-infographic to summarise the key findings:
New Walking Shoes

Looks like it’s definitely time for me to get replacement shoes.

Hope everyone is making the most of the milder weather in May. Happy walking!

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