Illustrations for BBC R&D’s Perceptive Media Demo: Breaking Out

BBC Perceptive Media

I recently worked on some illustrations for the BBC Research & Development team based at MediaCityUK, Salford. The team there have been working on a Perceptive Media experiment, which was launched last night at Social Media Cafe Manchester.

Perceptive Media is very exciting as it could change how we view TV in future by providing a customised experience. To get a full (and better) explanation of Perceptive Media, I would urge you to read Ian Forrester’s posts at the BBC R&D blog or Martin Bryant from Social Media Cafe Manchester has also written some good articles on this topic.

BBC R&D’s first Perceptive Media prototype is called “Breaking out” and the illustrations I created have been used to help visually engage audiences while the audioplay is running.

You can have a go at this Perceptive Media demo yourself at

The experiment has been created with an UK audience in mind so if you are viewing from abroad you might not get quite the experience the creators are trying to provide.