Queen Elizabeth II: Infographic

To mark the celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June (and the extra day off work!), I created an infographic filled with facts and figures relating to Her Royal Majesty’s 60 years as Monarch.

Here’s just a snippet:

Click the infographic below to zoom in and have a closer look:

If you’re wondering why The Queen has given so many Christmas puddings over the years – it’s apparently a custom since King George V and King George VI.

The main source used for this infographic was the official Diamond Jubilee website, where you can delve into further less known facts about Her Majesty.

3 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II: Infographic

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  2. Hi Angie,

    I run a blog called Smitten by Britain and I would love to share your graphic on my blog. Would that be possible? If so, please email me the image and I’ll be very happy to link to your site.



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