Science Jamboree Poster is published by Hachette Education

Science Jamboree Poster Published by Hachette Education

The Science Jamboree poster originally designed for Manchester Girl Geeks has now appeared in a book for teachers, published by Hachette Education: NEW CONNECT 3e Fichier Pédagogique (Edition 2014). It will be used by educators to help teach French schoolchildren English.

The image forms part of an activity found in the first unit of the textbook, which has Liverpool and Manchester as the theme. The original coloured version of the poster can be seen here.

It was a pleasant surprise to be contacted by the editor at Hachette Education. It’s good to see that the poster found a second use even long after the event took place. Hopefully 14 year old teenagers in France will have fun learning English and have a curiosity to visit our region when they’re older!

The publication fee was donated to Manchester Girl Geeks, so they can continue their work in organising STEM related activities for women and children.

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