MP035: Hot Tea Cures All Grudges


Grandfather Pork Bun, through his wealth of connections, negotiated their quick return home first thing in the morning. Father Pork Bun was waiting eagerly for them outside the house, and wasted no time in allowing everyone to freshen up.

Chinese Tea

By lunchtime both the Dumpling and the Pork Bun Clans were sat round the table. The young couple served tea to their respective elders as a mark of respect and humble apology. Soon the latest news of the missing pair spread through the village – thanks to the newly installed, ultra shiny gossip balloon generator 2.0!

Gossip Balloon Generator 2.0

Fireworks over Miss Pork Bun's home

It seemed only appropriate to mark the closing of the two Clan’s recent emotional rollercoaster and the acceptance of a new beginning with a stunning display of fireworks, while sipping lobster and lychee bubble tea.

Lobster & Lychee Bubble Tea

As the events of Dim Sum Island draws to a close, I’ll be back next week with some new monsters!

Double Happiness Dragons

Wedding Dragons

H&R are getting married next month! Congratulations to them :)

The character in red represents Double Happiness, a symbol widely used for Chinese weddings. Although my friends aren’t from the Far East I wanted to use traditional dragons in the image with modern Western influences (i.e. the pink and blue).

I’m looking forward to seeing them next month!

Valentine’s Day is next week!

With V-Day being less than a week away – what will you be giving? What will you get?

Here are some V-Day related images I made recently, some of which I’ve entered into Tigerprint’s online card competition.

After all the red and pink hearts I decided that other colours of hearts should exist too!

I also stumbled across this rather amusing article on Guidespot which outlines 15 Ways to Ruin Valentine’s Day. It makes a good reminder of the things one should try to avoid!

Now dont forget: Valentine’s Day is next Saturday, 14th February :)