Harvesting Honey from Anglesey Bees

Angleysey Honey Bees

During my end of summer trip to Anglesey I was given the unexpected opportunity to don a bee suit and help out a local bee keeper doing his hive inspection. Pete has been looking after bees for many years – certainly way before bee keeping became trendy. The plight of bees and the need to grow wild flowers to support other pollinators has received quite a bit of coverage in the press. So it was a privilege that he was willing to give me hands-on experience and indulge my love of learning on a subject that I had only previously been able to read about. Continue reading

New Shoes for Walking

New Shoes for Walk This May
Walking is a really enjoyable activity that gives me a break from staring at the computer and helps me think. It’s also a good way of getting regular exercise. While I’m happy wandering around to discover new streets, websites such as walkit.com (the urban walking route planner) provide a more structured approach. It’s also #walkthismay so there are plenty of themed walks and other activities to encourage people to take up regular walking. Continue reading

Making IT Happen for Women – An International Women’s Day Event in Manchester

Manchester Girl Geeks - Making IT Happen

Manchester Girl Geeks is a non-profit organisation that I’ve been involved with for a few years now. I really enjoy giving my time and using my design skills to help champion a cause that I feel worthwhile promoting. Their aims of providing talks and networking events for women and girls with an interest in STEM subjects really resonates with me. It allows me to be part of a team of volunteers that work together to provide positive experiences to attendees. This may simply be a enjoyable afternoon at one of our Sunday Tea Parties or giving them information that may help guide their career decisions. This ability to pin point and match others to resources available is very rewarding. It has also allowed me to meet so many wonderful people in the process. Continue reading