IF: Contained

The box contained BEES!

Big Bear’s greed for honey led him to believe that he should help rescue a bee colony. However, the clever creatures sensed his ill intentions and made a hurried escaped. Big Bear ducked and coward when he realised his shameful mistake.

I think the composition looks a bit odd. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

IF: Resolve

(please click on image to enlarge)

After spending over an hour in the shop Isabella resolved the problem in the most logical manner possible to her: she bought both pairs of shoes!

It’s not necessarily the most sensible method, but I’m sure some of us have been in the same position before :)

IF: Voices

I was unfortunately ill for a few days during my recent trip to New York. I’m still feeling jet lagged two days later. I wonder if my immune system went into hibernation because it was so cold overseas. Here are their voices and what I imagine they were saying to each other…