MP034: Bitter Truths

Grandfather Pork Bun

The large shadow on the cave wall turned out to belong to a much smaller and rather frail character: Grandfather Pork Bun!

The two runaways were rather dumbfounded as it turns out he had been waiting for them on the mainland coast. Miss Pork Bun couldn’t understand how her grandfather managed to find them. It was at this point that he revealed a painful event from her mother’s past.


Mother Pork Bun had also tried to leave Dim Sum Island in her youth during a moment of love rage. Her infatuation was in fact for Mr Dumpling’s uncle, a gentleman far senior in his age to even consider someone in their youth. And so when she proposed to meet him on the Mainland coast to start a new life elsewhere he did not even consider that for a moment it would be viable.

Dumpling Love

Strong feelings blinded her from reality and she waited on the Mainland for days. He never came of course and she only returned to the Island after Grandfather Pork Bun found her in these exact set of caves. Since that fateful day Mother Pork Bun’s anger and resentment could only grow stronger over the years and she would find herself grasping at events of the past, such as the drought of 1938, to reinforce her hatred of him. She told herself she should never forgot the shame and embarrassment that he had caused; never be so naive and trust those of the Dumpling Clan. In reality the villagers thought little of it and it had been quickly forgotten as an unfortunate episode that happens as one grows up.


Miss Pork Bun finally understood her mother a little better and realised that her own actions would only deepen her misunderstanding and mistrust with the Dumpling Clan. Running away was not the answer. Mr Dumpling understood this too and with some reluctance, agreed to return home.

IF: Unfold

Dim Sum Poster

Here at The Hunt for Cute Creatures blog we have a Monster Parade theme which displays the latest critters that I have let loose on the internet. Originally it featured one off random characters but since Mr Dumpling and Miss Pork Bun turned up in entry MP021: Love is in the Air, things have got a lot more exciting!

Follow the story as this young couple run away from their home at Dim Sum Village.

What does the future hold for them? How will their story unfold?

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