Cute Creatures Go MOO!

I’ve always wondered how my illustrations would look when professionally printed. When I realised that MOO did a sample pack of 10 business cards (for free) I decided it was time to find out! The MOO samples allow you to place your own images on the front and back. It is possible to choose up to ten different images for the front, while the back is limited to one design.

I decided to take advantage of this and chose ten different images.

Moo Samples

Meeba Card

Love Card

I’m rather pleased with the results. My photos don’t do them justice! In the above, I opted to pay the small fee that removed the ‘MOO watermark’, which was definitely worth it. With Christmas coming up I may well use these as gift tags.

The business card samples are available from MOO’s European and USA store.

MP044: Autumn Sunset

As the summer draws to a close it brings the critters of the Monster Parade a new set of tasks…

Autumn BBQ
Gambo rakes the first leaves of autumn, while on the other side of the fench, neighbour Miska harvests the seasonal carrots well before the first frost has a chance to set in.

What better way to end of evening than to share a bbq roast in the evening sun.