MP027: Miss Dumpling’s Gossip Balloon

Miss Pork Bun's Gossip Balloon

That morning Miss Pork Bun found a package outside her tent waiting to be opened. She took it to the pond, where Mr Dumpling was fishing for their breakfast, to unwrap it together.

Mr Dumpling fishing for breakfastDim Sum Village's notice board

Inside was a miniature model of Dim Sum Village’s noticeboard with a missing poster bearing their faces.

The poster read:
‘Police are concerned for the safety and welfare of two individuals: Mr Dumpling and Miss Pork Bun, who were reported missing on Thursday 7th May.

Mr Dumpling is 19 years old and is described as 10cm tall and slim build. He was last seen wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans.

Miss Pork Bun is 18 years old and is described as 9cm tall and also of a slim build. She was last seen wearing her favorite pink outfit with matching handbag.

Both were last seen leaving their respective houses. It is believed that their disappearances are linked.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mr Dumpling and Miss Pork Bun is urged to contact the Dim Sim Village Police.’

It would appear that there was not a soul who does not know about their disappearance.

MP025: Dim Sum Island’s Mysterious Disappearance

Some shocking headlines for this week’s Monster Parade

Dim Sum Island - Local News


Local News:
‘Whirlwind romance ends in mysterious disappearance.
Mr Dumpling and Miss Pork Bun have gone missing from Dim Sum Island since last Thursday! This comes only under a month after they had started dating. News of their disappearance emerged after the pair failed to turn up at their respective jobs. (story continues on page 2)’

MP024: Balloon Powered Gossip

Gossip Balloons

Every night after dark, gossip balloons are dispatched to every female of the land – from housewives to high company executives, the young and the old. When it feels just right each balloon will release the package it carries, thus depositing a snippet of juicy information into some innocent soul’s garden.