Girl Geeks in Residence at BarCamp MediaCityUK

BarCamp MediaCityUK
This weekend I attended my first BarCamp. I went along as one of the Girl Geeks in Residence. It was hosted by BBC North in their new Manchester home at Salford Quays. I find it hard to understand how this modern construction by such a tranquil waterfront has come to being labelled the ugliest new building in Britain. I am sure there are far worst examples out there.

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Manchester Girl Geeks

Manchester Girl Geek Banner

The web banner I created for Manchester Girl Geeks is now online! The brief was based around the Manchester skyline and I’m really quite pleased with results.

Manchester Girl Geeks hold some very interesting events at Madlab in the Northern Quarter, as well as other parts of the city.

Take a look at their events page for more details on upcoming Girl Geek Tea Parties and related activities.

CHICKS: Site of the Month

CHICKS: Joomla Site of the Month

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the CHICKS (Country Holidays for Inner City Kids) charity website that I designed and built while at Bluestone360 was Joomla! Community Showcase’s Site of the Month in October. I hope the new site has provided them with great exposure – especially in the run up to Christmas.

It is also great to see that Donate Via Text facilities have now been set up. By texting CHICKS to 70777 a £5 donation is made to the charity (mobile providers will also charge for a standard network rate). To make the most of your donation and to find out more, please do visit the CHICKS website!

Ms Loanna’s Night Life

Ms Loanna

Ms Loanna, a highly respected anchorwomen for Channel 1, enjoys a cup of tea with two sugars before each live news broadcast. From her poise composure one would not have guessed that she spends the nights gambling her daytime wage away at the roulette table while sipping dry martini.

MP032: The Gossip Trail Stops

The gossip balloon machine explodes in a burst of colours

The Dum Sum Village’s gossip balloon machine explodes in a burst of colours caused by the overload of recent sightings. In that little part of the world life suddenly seemed so peaceful and silence was felt for the first time in a long while..

Dim Sum Village's unusual silence

Makeshift Raft

So far so good for Miss Pork Bun and Mr Dumpling so have managed to reach the mainland undetected in the dead of night. The Puff Pastry Police on Dim Sum Island may not be known for their high success rates at solving cases but the Mainland Patrol were quite the opposite. For their own safety, the residents of Dim Sum Island are discouraged from leaving their homes and the Patrol always made sure these protection orders were carried out fully…